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NY Marathon 2017

Watch out New York - Melissa Haynes is taking our fight for a cure for cystic fibrosis to your streets.

For adult sufferers of Cystic Fibrosis the average life expectancy is 37. And that’s only if they survive childhood. At 28 years old, this statistic is unacceptable to Melissa Haynes.

 “I battle this disease everyday. It’s hard. It’s unrelenting. It’s something I don’t deserve to endure. But I’m a fighter. I will fight my way past 37.”

Later this year Melly is taking her fight to the streets of New York, joining 50,000 people in one of the world’s most popular marathons and we hope the community will get behind Melissa to make a donation to support her fight.

She completed her first ever marathon in Adelaide last year, enduring every step to champion the CF fighters battling daily for the oxygen they need just to stay alive.

“We are not at a cure yet so this year I want to take my fight to the world. By completing the NY marathon, I am hoping to raise even more money and awareness than ever before.”     

Melly, we are all for fight. You inspire us to face this battle head on and we are determined to support you every step of the way.   

We ask the community to get behind Melissa and either join her as an entrant in the NY Marathon to raise funds for a cure, or make a donation in support of her fight.


For our NY marathon fundraisers, we want to reward you:

If you raise more than $5,000 we will contribute $500 towards your registration fees.

If you raise more than $10,000 we will contribute $1,000 towards your registration fees and flights

And if you raise more than $15,000 we will contribute $1,500 towards your registration and flights.

Set up your fundraising page here and connect with Travelling Fit to book your NY marathon package.

Donate to support Melissa Haynes here.

NY Marathon 2017, taking our fight for a cure for CF to the streets of New York.

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